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Your search for an emergency dentist in Sacramento, CA ends here!

There are many reasons you may need an emergency dentist in Sacramento, CA. From toothaches to broken teeth, lost fillings to damaged crowns, we have solutions for every dental emergency.

We will fit you in immediately, so no need to worry! A hassle is the last thing anyone wants to deal with in times of emergency, so our number one goal is to provide fast and friendly service.

A common dental emergency is a knocked out tooth. If you have a tooth knocked out there are some important things to keep in mind. First, rinse the tooth of any debris. Be sure to handle the tooth by the crown, and not the root. Do not attempt to scrub away any tissue fragments. Store the tooth in a small container of milk, and give us a call! Losing a tooth is never expected, but knowing what to do can be the difference between saving the tooth and losing it for good! If you are able to save the tooth and get into the office within one hour you have a really good chance of full recovery.

When you have a knocked out tooth you want immediate relief. The pain can be excruciating! If you are in pain and need an emergency dentist in Sacramento look no further! We will get you in immediately and stop the pain so you can breathe easy. Once your emergency is taken care of we will develop a full plan of action to address any issues at hand. If you are in pain, call us now!

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