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Dental Whitening for Life

sacramento wellness dentistry before and after teeth whitening

Our "Whitening for Life" program is designed for patients that are committed to overall proper dental health.

It is a fact that patients that maintain recommended oral hygiene and complete necessary dental treatment are more apt to not only maintain a healthy mouth but save considerably in the amount of money required for proper dental health. Patients that only visit a dentist when they are in pain or perceive a problem traditionally have poor dental health and spend considerably more money.

A beautiful smile is what all of us desire and brilliant white teeth have its advantages for all. Just imagine knowing that you can maintain that smile the rest of your life. There are some rules and restrictions to take advantage of this program.

Whitening For Life Program Details

For New Patients

For Existing Patients

Your custom whitening system will include 6 initial bleaching tubes. Refills of bleaching tubes will be given at a rate of one tube every six months. Lost or damaged bleaching trays are the responsibility of the patient.

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