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Oral Inflammation

sacramento wellness dentistry oral inflammation

Oral health is not just about a great smile.

Oral health and wellness are:

Here are a few key facts to consider:

Some recent, groundbreaking studies have addressed the critical importance of oral hygiene’s role in your overall health.

We Are One of the Founding Participants of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Wellness.

sacramento wellness dentistry The American Academy of Oral Systemic Health
The American Academy of Oral Systemic Health

Persistent inflammation, like that associated with periodontal disease, may create significant health risks if not adequately treated promptly.

The mouth is the gateway for many pathogenic bacteria that can negatively affect our health. It’s also a location for potential infections that can cause serious health issues. As a result, maintaining proper oral health is critical.

Because your mouth has a constant source of bacteria, there is always a risk that these harmful bacteria can spread throughout the body, causing various inflammatory diseases.

Consider the following:

Here's What the Medical Field Has to Say About Oral Inflammation

Oral swelling has a substantial effect on overall inflammatory disease. Not only is the elimination of such inflammation helpful, but increasingly the  medical community is demanding it.

At a recent symposium on heart health, Dr. Marc Penn, MD, PhD, and former director of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at The Cleveland Clinic, stated very clearly, “Don’t ever forget to look at periodontal disease as an important source of inflammation in reference to cardiovascular disease.”

One of the most influential cardiovascular surgeons, Dr. Lloyd Rudy, said it best when he compared the body’s inflammatory response to that of a house fire. “Inflammation is fire. When vascular walls around the heart catch fire, we have heart attacks and strokes. Think of the body as a house and the mouth as the kitchen – when we have gum disease, we have a ‘fire’ in our ‘kitchen’ that may burn down the house.”

Some of the latest research on oral inflammation is supporting this indisputable truth.

As we’ve established, oral inflammation may negatively impact overall health. Understanding the role of periodontal disease concerning oral-systemic wellness is critical to successfully managing a patient’s oral health.

Most of the time, you can’t see early-stage inflammation, and it probably doesn’t hurt. Fortunately, our dental professionals now perform a simple test to detect oral inflammation and include it as part of every dental exam.

We now know that the mouth is not just another body part. It’s the most influential part.

The mouth is where life begins. Let's not let it end there!

What happens in your mouth doesn't stay in your mouth.

Watch this 3-minute video explaining bacteria buildup in your mouth and the link to systemic diseases. You’ll be amazed!

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