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3D Dental Imaging

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Sacramento Wellness Dentistry now offers 3D Dental Imaging

3D Dental Imaging is a remarkable new technology that creates flawless, in-depth views of the face, neck and teeth, for more complete treatment planning.

3D Imaging at a Glance

Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

This 3D Dental Imaging scan is fast, simple and completely painless. And from that scan, your dental specialist can quickly see computer-generated views of the bones of your face, and teeth from any angle in 3D and in color!

This cutting edge dental technique provides more accurate and complete information so your dentist can better plan your treatment.

The 3D imaging system is basically a digital x-ray scanner.

You simply sit in a chair while the scanner moves in one complete circle around your head, gathering all the scan data needed. There’s no special preparation necessary.

Your specialists can then view the scanned images of your entire mouth on a computer monitor in 2D, 3D, and “panoramic” views. They can view your images from any angle and in different magnifications, to see the relationships between bones, teeth, airways, nerves and tissues to more accurately plan or evaluate your treatment.

sacramento wellness dentistry 3d imaging front view
sacramento wellness dentistry 3d imaging right view

And while 3D imaging produces the same kind of high-quality images as a CT (CAT) scan, it does so with less radiation.

Typical dental x-rays just focus on your teeth, and for each x-ray picture, you need one exposure. So it would take many exposures to even begin to compare to a single 3D scan.

Also, 3D imaging shows much more than simple “flat” x-rays. This new technology provides more complete visual information to study your case from every angle. Best of all, the original scan data can be duplicated anytime, to provide different specialists with images if needed later. And, there’s no film to get lost.

Whether you’re just beginning treatment or evaluating the results, 3D images give your doctors more high quality, detailed visual information for diagnosis and planning. More complete information is a vital key to improved patient care. And for you, it can mean more confidence and satisfaction in your treatment.

sacramento wellness dentistry 3d imaging left view

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